SBC3.3 The craw waiting at the bridge

The crow by Mikko Lagerstedt


Once upon a time there was a girl named Amy, and a guy names David who one day meat each other on this bridge. And since the day meat, they fell in love with each other. Ever since that day they would meet every night on the same bridge. But one day Amy’s parents finds out that she goes out every night to meet a guy, and since then they forbid her to go out. Every night they would make sure the¬†windows and the door in her room were locked. And every night David would go to bridge to meet Amy but she never comes. But then one day when he goes to the bridge to see if Amy was there, but the thing or person that waiting for him there was……. Comment below and continue the end of the story, then I would choose the one that goes best with the story.


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